World Travel Adapter 2 with Dual USB Charger

World Travel Adapter 2 with Dual USB Charger

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World Travel Adapter 2 with Dual USB Charger

Dual USB Charger and world travel adaptor.

The 2 kids-2 ipods, mobile phone-mp3 funny when your traveling things go in pairs! dump the mass of chargers leads and adaptors litering your bags with this combination of the SKROSS World Travel Adapter 2 with a powerful 2 port USB charger that converts it into a power source to quickly charge and run your USB devices in over 150 countries with no aditional adaptors

Up to two devices can be charged in parallel with an overall current of 1000 mA. The charger module can be used independently from the adapter if required. It can be used with a massive range of devices, like MP3 players, digital cameras, mobile phones, GPSs, PDAs, travel speakers, etc.

"As usefull at home as it is when im travelling the 2 adaptors and 2 chargers i previously carried when travelling has been retired to my desk draw"

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