Ozone Micro LED torch

Ozone Micro LED torch

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Ozone Micro LED torch

Ozone Micro Windup and solar keyring torch Ok you say this has to be a toy! Well you wrong this tiny wind up torch works amazingly well and is robust despite its miniscule size. Using 2 super bright LEDS this tiny torch out shines all other keyring torches on several levels 1. A much higher power battery can be used because it can be recharged. 2. Charge the battery by solar power in the day or at any time by the remarkable in built micro dynamo. Just 1 minute of cranking will charge your torch for at least 3 mins of full power brightness. 3. 2 LEDs provide a wide flood beam 4. Robust construction 5. Tiny size just 46 x 31 x24mm and only 25g 6. Easy Grip rubberised case 7. Proper ON/OFF switch So no more watch battery powered micro torches the Ozone Micro is the best solution.

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