LED LENSER LAW Enforcement V

LED LENSER LAW Enforcement V

Brand:LED Lenser LED torches
Product Code: LED-LENSER-7737
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LED LENSER LAW Enforcement V

A new generation of portable lighting has been born with the invention of the Luxeon power chip the worlds brightest LED Bulb. Zweibruder have exploited this new technology with the production of a new style icon and one of the worlds brightest LED torches. WARNING Luxeon LEDs are extremely bright! Looking directly into a lighted LED will cause eye damage! Use caution when working with these LEDs Purposely designed for Law enforcement and security personnel, this handheld compact model features 1 "Ice White" Luxeon LED bulb & lens for full spectrum illumination and incredible light output. This small but chunky torch feels great in the hand and uses 3 AAA batteries yet will run 10 times longer than any conventional torch using 3 D size batteries, that means total reliability when you need it the most. The unit measures 105mm in length and is supplied with a smart black nylon protective pouch that fits UK Police issue belts

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