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This board is good for WHATEVER you want to do with it. The soft-mid flex CORE CORE is poplar wood with hard wood inserts running along the board through the insert rows. As well as reinforcing those important regions, the hard wood makes the core more poppy and responsive and stable at speed. Bi-Ax laminates keep the WHATEVER torsionally forgiving. FREESTYLE TBT is the most versatile of our base shapes. The center flat section remains wide enough for solid landings but here the sidebases are wider and the total uplift larger than for the twin boards. This makes turn initiation smoother, straight lining easier, gives fewer edge catches and also floats better through powder and tracked out snow. This is especially true when you add the twin contact shape and the directional outline. The twin contact shape and centered stance guarantees a switch performance that is equal to forwards, but the small extra length added to the nose is invaluable in any type of powder snow by floating through freshies and crashing through crud better. What’s it good for? WHATEVER!

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