Turboflame Original GX7

Turboflame Original GX7

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Turboflame Original GX7

Turboflame Original GX7: Powerful 1300c laser jet flame. Lock feature for temporary continuous burning. Safety cap. Ideal as a mini blow torch. The GX7 burns at any angle - even upside down - and keeps going no matter what the weather is doing. Unique, lock-on safety cap for secure storage and travel. PLEASE NOTE - For best performance and longevity of your lighter, only use gas marked 'Triple/Double Refined' or 'Near Zero Impurities'. Impurities in gas may cause carbon build-up and clog the burner which is not covered under warranty. Therefore please consider purchasing additional gas when buying your lighter. Our gas is high quality premium rate with near zero impurities and is recommended for use with all Turboflame products.

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