Jetboil Helios High Capacity Cooking System

Jetboil Helios High Capacity Cooking System

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Jetboil Helios High Capacity Cooking System

Jetboil Helios Cooking System The new Helios series group cooking system continues Jetboil's leadership of the integrated high-efficiency mobile cooking system. I the persuit for more power the Helios liquid injected butane fuel system optimizes the convenience of canister fuel and the consistent high-output and cold weather performance of conventional liquid fuel. This system provides unmatched versatility for groups venturing out in any season. A pair of 2 & 3 liter high efficiency Helios FluxRing pots meets the full range of group cooking needs * Best-in-class efficiency and boil time performance from Jetboil's FluxRing technology. * Liquid injected butane fuel system ensures consistent high-output power throughout canister life, with no loss of performance in the coldest temps. * Attachable windscreen protects and maximizes burner effi ciency in windy conditions * Stable burner base with integrated pot support centers and secures hardcoated aluminum Helios FluxRing

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